The Tower of Babel and the Tower of Babble

The Tower of Babel
From the bottom up, language develops from cave painting to Cuneiform, to many alphabets, to the confounding in the Biblical story and the inability to communicate. Then we begin to understand other languages better and better, then, in today’s world, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, or especially English enable one to communicate with over half the world’s population in an instant. This awesome power can be used in an instant to sow discord and violence, or to save children trapped in an cave in Thailand, or aid disaster victims quickly.
In the contemporary “Tower of Babble” we are all babbling on our phones, or listening with earbuds to our music or podcasts, or we have our faces buried in screens on phones, computers, or tablets. But no one is actually communicating with the other people present with them. Even the Sefirot, (See Creation: the Prequel) are not communicating any more.