The Immigration Debacle

Are the waters are parting or crashing in? See also the Partings of the Seas companion piece

Immigration Debacle

A country without borders is no country, but the inhumane conduct of our nation’s current assault on illegal and legal immigration, and asylum seekers, particularly innocent children, is a shameful episode in our nation’s history.  We are, or should be, better than this.

Families have been torn apart, or are incarcerated in internment camps. Children were taken from their parents with no records kept.  Some “deleted children” may never be reunited with their deported parents.  Six children have died in custody. Detainees have been denied adequate medical care, diaper changes, flu shots, and hygiene supplies. There has to be a better way. This is not the America I know and love.

Because the spiritual insults come out, incident by incident, we can forget the shock of last month’s news, or last year’s or last week’s. This piece puts it all before us as once.

Clearly, for immigrants, the struggle for redemption has not progressed enough to be included as a Parting of the Sea, and so it stands alone.