Recent Exhibition

The exhibition at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church was extended through November 30, but it’s over now. I will be posting some video and photos in case you missed it.

The textile pieces include richly detailed and beautifully rendered depictions of the Bible that appear elsewhere on this website including the Creation of Time, pictured here.

In addition many installation pieces are included in the exhibition,
and will be the first time several of these pieces have ever been exhibited, including the Partings of the Seas, The Immigration Debacle and others.

The Immigration Debacle
Day 4: The Creation of Tme
The Towers of Babel (left) and Babble (right)

Rabbi Heiligman’s largest exhibition to date illustrates significant Biblical texts and reimagines and re-envisions them for today’s world. In the Partings of the Seas, the sea parts not only for Moses and Miriam, but for Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad the United Farm Workers, and other major liberations up to the March for Our Lives.

Fanciful installation pieces include the ancient Tower of Babel, and the contemporary Tower of Babble.

The art reflects Rabbi Heiligman’s deep knowledge of the Bible and other texts and brings them to life for people of all ages.

“My work is not intended to convert anyone to any religious tradition, but I do hope it inspires a sense of awe about our world, and perhaps some humility about our place in the Universe.”

The exhibit is open now through November 30, 2019
Weekdays 10-2, Sunday after the 11 am service, by arrangement for groups. call the church Office: 410-889-1512 for more information.

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