Textiles and Texts

My passion for textile art started in a fabric shop when several fabric bolts caught my eye and I decided to make a quilt of creation. I bought several beautiful fabrics then realized I knew nothing about quilting.

I proceeded to make a series of diverse quilts to teach myself various techniques I would need, and in the process I created a unique style of fabric collage using piecing, appliqué and embroidery to bring to life Jewish traditions and Biblical texts.

I use cotton fabrics almost exclusively, in vibrant and intense colors.  Generally, I work with commercially available fabric, but I also dye, paint, modify, or create my own as needed. Although much of my work is sewn by machine, there is also hand piecing, appliqué and embellishment. The internet and fabric printing have opened a world of possibilities for including astronomical images in my work.

The Sefirah Calendar was created with digitally combined Hubble Space Telescope images. This image could then be printed onto fabric.

 I blend the traditional with the contemporary and the scientific, which is also what I do as a rabbi. I don’t want to leave my intellect at the door when I engage my spiritual side, nor do I want to abandon the spiritual in the face of science. I hope that my work will encourage people to see the world in a new light, to fire the imagination about how life, art, spirit, and intellect can illumine each other.